Apple Strudel Pie

What in the world is an Apple Strudel Pie? I was in Forest Hills in NY looking at the pie section of Martha’s Country Bakery Menu when my eyes fell upon “Apple Strudel” in the pie section. I had to have a bite! “Would you like that warmed up?” Silly question…

When it arrived I was surprised to see… a slice of Apple Strudel. I was mildly disappointed. I love Martha’s, but this is not their best dessert or even representative of their awesome desserts. Leave the Strudel to the German bakeries.

NOT PIE! (said in the voice of an elderly southern man angered by being duped into thinking he was eating pie… or good pie. This is my alter ego when I eat pie for reasons that I cannot explain.)

Please do go there for their other desserts.. like their layer cakes, cheese cakes, fruit tarts, giant angel wing cookies… OMG I AM HUNGRY NOW.



Strudel Spoon


Click Here to check out the Yelp Reviews.

Then go have a bite for yourself.

Martha’s Country Bakery
Locations in NY: Forest Hills, Astoria and Bayside 

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